What to Expect

An initial assessment lasts approximately 1 hour.  If you would like to bring someone along for support please do so.  You will be asked about your presenting complaint and also about your medical history and previous injuries, etc to ensure that appropriate treatment is delivered. 

The next stage is examination – you may be asked to undress to your underwear to ensure you can be properly assessed.  We would suggest wearing suitable clothing – ie shorts, leggings, etc which it may not be necessary to remove – especially for treatment. During the examination you may be asked to perform some movements, etc, and the osteopath will palpate bone and soft tissue to evaluate the problem.  The practitioner will evaluate their findings and discuss appropriate treatment with you.  It is important to our practise that patients are given all information and options, and are fully involved in decisions about their treatment. 

Subsequent follow up sessions are 40 mins.

Treatments for babies are 30 mins, although initial consultations may be slightly longer if necessary.

Please call the clinic for information about pricing.

Your Osteopath


Nicola Cross M.Ost

Nicola Cross M.Ost


Nicky is a graduate of the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone.  She worked in private practice and also as a volunteer at the Hospice in the Weald before deciding to set up her own clinic.  She brings a broad approach to osteopathy, tailoring treatment to the individual.  Additionally, she has considerable experience treating babies and also those with chronic and life limiting conditions.  She has lived in Kent all her life and currently resides in nearby Marden, where she and her partner are renovating a traditional oast house.